Deck Staining


At Obregon Painting, we offer deck staining and minor deck repair. Did you know that the average time you should wait between re-staining your deck is three years. Depending on how much direct exposure your deck has with the sun can lessen that time.  Obregon Painting uses premium oil base stain to leave our decks rich in color and it also adds extra curb appeal to your home.  The summer is the best time of the year to stain wooden structures outside, due to the humidity levels and the temperatures for drying.  There are proper steps to take when staining your deck, which include; washing properly, some light sanding.  Doing this properly and professional eliminates any mildew and grime.  Re-staining your deck properly or as recommended by professionals, increases the life of the structure as well as keeps the wood from rotting and warping.


Obregon Painting is the right choice for your Residential and/or commercial deck staining needs.

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Deck Staining

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